A teenage girl who prefer and almost loves to be alone (sometimes). Named Azura and was healthily born on the 27th of May in 1996.

Hey, Hello & Hi ♥ // Wednesday, 15 January 2014
Hello! What's up guys? Well, I think something wrong with me because when I look at some random stuff such as phones, cameras, girls stuff like make-up, high heels, shoes, clothes, dresses and etc; I feel that I want to be a real lady. You know what I mean right? Hahahaha. But not being too girlish, I guess~ Some of the stuffs I've listed it in my wishlist. Hehe. I'll be waiting and patient to get it. Kinda short post right? Hahaha okay good bye~ Love me, xoxo :)

Hey, Hello & Hi ♥ // Monday, 6 January 2014
I'm back for my hobby, which is blogging. It been so long that I haven't update or post anything  about my life or stories here. Well, I had done with my secondary school and still waiting for SPM results. Seriously, I don't know what to do and I've nothing to do. Actually, I need a job while waiting for the results but my mom won't let me to get a job till night. Huh! But it's okay.. Now, I really miss my close friends, my classmates, my teachers and my classroom. Hahaha. I need some times to hang out with my friends. Sorry no sorry, I don't have special boyfriend. So sad, but I closed my heart. My heart need take a break from disappointments.  I'm really really sick of love. Sometimes, I can't deny my own feelings.. To be honest, love hurts. One day, I would like  to meet someone that can be my lover and my bestfriend at the same time. Oh my, what I'm talking about? LOL. Wow! I just expressed my feelings here. Hahahaha.. Okay, done. Wait for my next post~  Bye, have a nice day. Love, me! xoxo :)